Imako Cosmetic Teeth® is an immediate solution for those having unattractive teeth. The cosmetic teeth helps one fix unattractive upper teeth and gives a beautiful smile. Imako Cosmetic Teeth, are removable product and is only for cosmetic enhancement and is not a permanent fix.

Product Highlights
a. The cosmetic teeth can be worn anytime without using dental adhesives
b. While wearing the cosmetic teeth one can speak clearly, drink and smoke without any difficulty
c. The price of Imako Cosmetic teeth is $49.95
d. The cosmetic teeth fit well on those who have lost some teeth in their mouth
e. The use of the Imako cosmetic teeth is not a permanent solution and suits only the upper teeth.
f. One should not take hot food or drinks while wearing it
e. The cosmetic teeth have to be cleaned with alcohol daily.