A person on medication knows how it is to have to keep track of the tablets and capsules that they have to take everyday. But there is help at hand. Research is underway for a new device called Intellidrug that will make like easier for people on medication. This is a small dental prosthesis that can be implanted in the teeth and which can release drugs as and when required. It is now being tested clinically.

Product Features
a. This dental implant can release accurate and controlled dosage of medicines into the mucous membranes of the mouth.
b. It can be fitted into two artificial molars in the patient's mouth.
c. It can be easily accessed and maintained.
d. This implant can be easily refilled.
e. It consists of a reservoir, valve, 2 sensors and some electronic components.
f. The sensors monitor the quantity and concentration medicine that is released into the mouth.
g. The electronic circuit opens and closes the valve that releases the medicine into the mouth.
h. Once the reservoir exhausts the medicine, the electronic circuit alerts the patient through a remote control.
i. The saliva dissolves a part of the solid drug which is then released into the mouth by a small duct.
j. This is a wireless and battery operated device.
k. The reservoir needs to be refilled every few weeks.