invisalign-invisible-clear-braces.jpg Invisalign® invisible braces are increasingly becoming popular and are the preferred choice by many over metal braces. The invisible braces help align teeth and do not affect one’s lifestyle, unlike metal braces which are painful and cause embarrassment when one smiles.

Product Features
a. Invisalign® are a set of clear plastic aligners which are custom made to position and straighten teeth
b. The braces are clear and cannot be easily noticed to the human eye.
c. One notices a difference in about 6-12 months.
d. Invisalign® is embraced by 500,000 people till date.
e. Unlike metal braces with Invisalign® one can brush, floss and improve oral hygiene and prevent tooth decay.
f. A set of Invisalign® invisible braces costs around $3,500-$5,000 approximately.
g. Prospective patients can receive a free information kit and DVD.
h. To find a Invisalign® doctor close to you click here