A recent survey has revealed many unfounded fears of Americans over root canal treatment. The treatment is usually performed to save teeth and has a few myths surrounding the procedure.

Myth—Root canal treatment is painful
Fact----This is a mere misconception. Rather root canal treatments are virtually painless, very comfortable, effective and safest way to save the natural teeth.

Myth---Extraction is best alternative to root canal treatment
Fact----Root canal treatments have success rate of 95% in saving the abscessed/infected teeth, with many teeth lasting a lifetime after the procedure. The patient who extract the teeth and ignore replacing it, face the risk of gum disease or shifting teeth. Even, if it is replaced with implant, there are problems like high cost and need to visit dentist frequently, undergoing multiple surgeries etc. so saving the natural teeth with root canal treatment is the best thing, according to dentists.

Myth---Root canal treatment is more expensive over other options
Fact----It costs lesser than dental implants (which costs $2,500), by few hundred dollars.

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