Neuromuscular dentistry is an upcoming form of cosmetic dentistry, which uses alignment of facial muscles to cure conditions such as migraine, headaches, back ache, shoulder pain, teeth grinding, clenching and many different types of facial pain. The nations first Neuromuscular dentistry clinic is started at the Life-Enhancing Dentistry (LED) in Washington, DC. Its is the first dental center to introduce Neuromuscular treatment for different kinds of dental-facial aesthetic problems.

Treatment Highlights
a. It is a non-invasive &pain free procedure to get a proper alignment of jaws and facial muscles
b. Neuromuscular treatment cures problems such as migraine, facial and back pain, ringing in the ears and teeth grinding, all resulting from improper bite.
c. One can get a smile they desire through this non-surgical procedure.
d. Two brief visits are enough for treatment.