Dr.Siew Lim and technician Jason Hollinstead have developed an innovative computer guided dental implant procedure called Smart Implants. By any parameters, it is considered superior to currently, existing dental implant procedures, for better smiles. Dr.Lim is a practicing dentist

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Website: http://www.dentrac.co.uk.

Procedure Review
a. In the procedure, computers and CT scans are used to exactly spot, the best place to fit implants.
b. It is non-invasive procedure and painless. It does not warrant any need to cut the gums, as keyhole implants are used.
c. Local anesthesia is used.
d. Within hours of completion of treatment, you can eat and drink as you like.
e. Dr.Lim and his team were invited to give a live demonstration, of this technique, at Valley Dental Laboratory of Technology in Minneapolis.