cosmetic-gums.jpg Gum diseases are a chronic disorder in the United States. Untill recently, there was no replacement for damaged gums. But now, a dentist has developed an innovative procedure to close the gaps in gums. Prosthodentist Thanos Kristallis, D.D.S., Washington Center for Image Dentistry in Bethesda , Maryland, has created artificial gums made of zirconia, a strong ceramic that is natural looking and long lasting.

Highlights of the ceramic gums
a. These gums are made of zirconic.
b. It can be easily attached to teeth or implants.
c. They give a more natural look than plastic or metal.
d. They are as strong as metal.

a. A dentist takes a mold of the patient's mouth.
b. The mold is then baked.
c. The ceramic hums are attached to it.
d. After that, the coloring, texture and tints are done to match the gum of the patient.
e. The gums are also given a shine to get a wet look.
f. It takes only 10 minutes to put the gum in a patient's mouth.
g. It is a painless procedure.
h. It lasts for about 30 years.
i. There are no side effects and hardly any recuperation time.

The cost of having a tooth attached to the ceramic gum is between $1,000 and $2,000.