Since times immemorial, dentists have managed to conjure up horror images in their patients' minds. Despite the advancement made in the field of dentistry, people are still scared of visiting their dentist. Now Dr. Dr Johan Burger, a photonics expert, and his team have developed the ultra short pulsed laser which may replace the high speed drills currently used by dentists.

a. This laser is compatible with the optic fiber technology.
b. It beams out an extremely high-powered laser pulse in a picosecond.
c. This energy is not visible to the naked eye and is a thousand times higher than that of conventional fiber laser equipment.
d. This laser bean does not generate a lot of heat or vibration.
e. It is painless and will make anesthesia redundant.
f. Research is on to develop a hand-held model.
g. The short pulsed laser is FDA approved for anti-aging skin treatments.