Edward Lynch and his team at the Royal Victoria Hospital’s School of Dentistry (in Belfast, Northern Ireland) have developed a new method of using Ozone to tide over the problem of tooth decay. Currently, the procedure is being reviewed by the FDA for approval.

Therapy Benefits
a. In the procedure, a little dose of ozone is delivered in a sealed rubber cap. The rubber cap sucks out the ozone after 20-60 seconds.
b. The procedure also involves rinsing the teeth using a re-mineralized solution and saliva to heal the pit on the tooth. If the hole on the tooth is very deep, a cosmetic filling can be applied with little or no drilling.
b. Ozone therapy for tooth decay is found to eradicate 99% of decay causing bacteria.
c. The procedure is pain free without any smell, noise and distaste of dental drilling.
d. Dentists recommend this procedure once every 6 months.
e. The ozone device is manufactured by CurOzone USA Inc