ionic-white.jpg Stained and yellowed teeth can be a big embarrassment. The market is flooded with whitening agents and many dentists provide teeth whitening services. Now, however, one can sip coffee or red wine without worrying about the stains they might leave on the teeth. Ionic White is a revolutionary new product that gives one pearly white teeth in minutes. The best thing about this product is that it is extremely easy to use, has no side effects and it does not require a visit to the dentist.

Product review
a. It makes teeth whiter in just 21 minutes.
b. The kit consists of Ionic White Light, a whitening gel and a whitening gel accelerator.
c. Two other products, whitening rinse and a whitening rinse accelerator, are being offered along with this kit.
d. It involves the use of a blue LED light to activate silver ions in the whitening gel.
e. Results are visible after the first use itself.
f. The effects are long lasting.
g. It is easy to use and painless.
h. All it requires is the mixing of the whitening gel with the gel accelerator on the mouthpiece, placing it in the mouth and turning on the light for 2 minutes.
i. The entire process should be repeated two more times in 21 minutes.
j. It does not contain any harmful chemicals.
k. It does not make the teeth sensitive after use.
l. It costs $29.95
m. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.