quick-white.jpg Acquiring pearly white teeth can be a pain. The procedures can leave teeth sensitive and these are often time consuming. Regular teeth whitening procedures are very expensive and the prices are astronomical and often not covered by insurance companies. So it is a relief that now a cheaper non-laser procedure is available in the market. The new Quick White procedure is one of the easiest way to good oral health.

Product features
a. This can clean teeth in just one session and the time for the procedure is less than an hour.
b. A whitening gel is applied on teeth and then a non-laser light is used to activate it.
c. It costs just $200 for 15 minutes.
d. It is a safer alternative and the teeth are less sensitive after the procedure as compared to other procedures.
e. The effects last for about three years.
f. Results depend on tooth density, porosity and lifestyle habits.
g. For patients in New York one can visit Celebrity dentist Dr. Jeffrey Golub-Evans who offers this procedure.