A new procedure called SameDay Smile® has been developed by Dr. Robert A Levine, where missing teeth are replaced within a day. The procedure does away with multiple visits to the dentist and long waits of 3 - 6 months to replace missing teeth.

Procedure Review
a. In this procedure bone friendly titanium implants are used, which are biologically compatible with the human body.
b. The implant bonds with jawbone and a strong base is developed for artificial teeth.
c. The procedure lowers need for post-operative visits and complications, problems associated with implants etc.
d. The procedure does not require any hospitalization and patients can go home the same day.
e. For more information on the SameDay Smile visit www.drlevineimplantsperio.com or call 215-677-8686
g. The price of each dental implants is $1900 + other charges such as need for bone grafting etc; apply depending on the specific condition.