Metal braces for teeth correction are a way of life for most children. Even some adults have to resort to it to improve their teeth’s health, functioning and looks. It has created a booming market and more and more advanced and friendly devices are constantly appearing in the market to straighten crooked teeth, widen a smile and bring facial harmony. Now a Shreveport-Bossier city-based orthodontist, Chris Cosse, offers patients the revolutionary new Sure-Smile. This procedure is safe, relatively painless and gives better results.

a. It is an orthodontic device to correct teeth defects.
b. Dentists make a digital 3-dimensional model of a patient's mouth and then decide on the precise treatment.
c. Archwires are customized for individual patients through a robotic process.
d. It is a less time-consuming procedure.
e. The results are much better than other procedures.
f. It is a more expensive but comparatively less painful alternative to traditional methods.
g. It reduces treatment time by almost 40 per cent.
h. Costs can vary from patient to patient.