There is good news for people with discolored and stained teeth. Swabplus Inc. will soon launch their dental whitening system in association with QVC, US's televised shopping retailer, under the QVC item number A8419. This system is said to be highly effective and is easy to use, hygienic and disposable. The best part is that it can be easily used at home and can also be carried by a person if he or she is traveling. To buy the Swabplus dental whitening system - click here

Product Highlights
a. This system is an advanced dental whitening system.
b. It can make teeth white in just 6 days.
c. It comes with 5 mint-flavored EZ Brush packs, containing Q10 and fluoride, so that a person can conveniently brush teeth anywhere, anytime.
d. It guards against plaque build up after meals and protects teeth against cavities.
e. This product will be shown in QVC for the first time on June 7, 2007, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
f. This system has 24 individually filled swabs with whitening formula and a container of whitening powder.
g. It has a 2-step process that releases free oxygen to oxidize and remove organic stains from teeth.
h. It does not cause gum irritation.
i. Once the color ring tip of the swab is broken, the formula inside the stem flows to opposite tip so that the swab becomes an applicator.
j. The whitening powder is then applied on the teeth and between the teeth.
k. It can be done in 5 minutes at home.
l. It is easy and convenient to use.

a. Children should not use this system.
b. People with braces, teeth decay, unhealthy teeth or gums should consult their dentist first.
c. Pregnant or nursing women should also consult their dentist.