overusing-teeth-whitening-products.jpg Who wouldn't want to show off glistening white teeth behind a perfect smile? No wonder that teeth whitening has become big business today. According to a report, in the US alone, people spent almost $1.4 billion on tooth whitening products and procedures in 2006. Most people use these products repeatedly. Alarm bells are ringing that Americans are getting addicted to these products. The Academy of General Dentistry has been issuing regular warnings since 2002 about the dangers associated with whitening gels, strips and other teeth whitening products.

Dangers associated with whitening gels
a. One should read the instructions and follow them carefully before using any such product.
b. It is better to consult a dentist before using such products.
c. Repeated use can lead to sensitive teeth.
d. It can also inflame the gums and make the enamel brittle and rough.
e. It can permanently discolor the teeth.
f. Many dentists claim that women are obsessed with teeth whitening products and often overuse the products to get pearly white teeth.