teeth-whitening.jpg If you wish to have that million dollar Hollywood smile, there are multiple teeth whitening procedures to choose from. Experts suggest that even with the availability of multiple tooth whitening options like tooth whitening gum, tooth whitening strips etc, none match a trip to the cosmetic dentist.

Procedure Highlights

a. At home tooth whitening procedure involves clean up of the cavities, plague and tartar at the dentist's office. The dentist then prescribes a mouth tray filled with peroxide solution, which has to be worn just before going to sleep. In a couple of weeks the teeth are several shades whiter.

b. In office tooth whitening bleaching procedure involves cleaning the teeth and filling up cavities. The dentist then applies a bleaching solution and applies a special light to the teeth. The procedure results in instant whitening. No follow up treatments are required.

c. Another popular up coming tooth whitening procedure is Zoom in-office teeth whitening procedure. A video is available on the company's website explaining the procedure.