Oral hygiene has been a matter of great debate. Dentists often recommend regular brushing and flossing for healthy teeth. Besides the traditional brush and paste, battery powered toothbrushes are highly popular. Now for the first time, a unique and revolutionary toothbrush has been introduced in the market. Ultreo is all set to change the way we look at oral hygiene with its ultrasound waveguide technology combined with precisely tuned bristle action.

Product features
a. It is a battery powered toothbrush that uses the ultrasound waveguide technology.
b. It is safe and highly effective and helps remove plaque, improves gum health, reduces stains and makes the teeth look white.
c. It can be used on the gums as well as teeth.
d. Its sonic bristle cleans otherwise inaccessible parts of the teeth.
e. The ultrasound waveguide in the centre of the bristles excites the creation of bubbles activated by 4 million cycles of ultrasound energy.
f. Possible side effects are tender gums, sensitive teeth and sometimes mild bleeding.
g. Women who are pregnant or one with heart problems are advised not to use the Ultreo ultrasound toothbrush.
h. This device alerts a person if it is used in one section of the mouth for more than 30 seconds and shuts down after 2 minutes.
i. The brush head should be changed every 3 months.
j. The Ultreo ultrasound tooth brush costs $150 to buy click here