crest-pro-health-rinse.jpg The Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash has left a lot of consumers with a bitter taste in their mouth. Their complaint is that this mouthwash does the opposite of what it promises to do. Apart from staining the teeth, it also leaves a person with a loss in their sense of taste. Some are even threatening to sue the company for their dangerous product.

Highlights of complaints
a. One consumer complained of waking up to brown teeth.
b. It also apparently leaves a person with no sense of taste.
c. The company doesn't reimburse dissatisfied customers.
d. It might lead to a visit to the dentist.
e. It contains the toxic cetylpyridinium chloride that can cause severe eye, respiratory and skin irritation.
f. The price of the product is $4.95 & has 1 star rating at - To buy the product click here

Source: The Consumerist