Babies born without an ear is more common that one thinks. Til now, the usual solution was to give such patients a false prosthetic ear made either from plastic or silicone. But now a hospital in England is offering patients a new re constructive procedure that gives patients' new ears using the patients own rib cartilage.

Procedure Highlights
a. This is an invasive procedure.
b. It involves the use of general anesthesia.
c. The ear is reconstructed from the cartilage of the rib.
d. The surgeon cuts through the stomach muscle, an inch above the bottom of the ribcage.
e. Then six inches of cartilage from the ribs is removed and formed into an ear shape.
f. This is then attached to the head.
g. A major operation is followed by a smaller one.
h. The entire procedure takes about 5 hours.
i. Bandages are taken off after a couple of days.

a. It is a painful procedure.
b. Recuperation time is long.