Wearing earrings is not so easy and a painful lobe is just one of the problems. Heavy earrings, holding the phone close to the ears, age can all affect the earlobes. Women since ancient times have had to deal with sagging and sore earlobes. Now help is at hand. Dr. Allan Wulc, a Philadelphia based plastic surgeon, uses the cosmetic filler Restylane to plump up the earlobes. Since he started this practice, women have been raving about the results.

Procedure Review
a. It can be injected into the earlobes.
b. It helps in plumping up stretched, drooping and painful earlobes.
c. Less than a third of a cubic centimeter of Restylane is injected into the lower portion of the lobe.
d. The effect can last for about a year.
e. The procedure costs just $350.
f. Satisfied customers have claimed that it is a very effective method.