What started as an exception may soon become the norm if recent trends are anything to go by. Pointed ears, made famous by Star Trek's Mr Spock, seem to be the choice of many music loving youngsters in New York. They are resorting to plastic surgery to get the perfect pair of pointed ears. Today, ear sculpting is being offered by many body art and modification shops. Developed by Hungarian plastic surgeon, Dr. Lajos Nagy, pointed ears apparently enhances music listening experience.

Highlights of ear sculpting
a. This is a comparatively recent trend.
b. The procedure is safe and can be easily tolerated by patients.
c. It is a one-day-surgery and involves the use of local anesthesia.
d. It involves the careful dissection of the structures at the upper pole of the earlobe.
e. The reshaping is done by modellation of a chondro-cutaneous flap, which contains the cartilage and skin of the patient.
f. The new shape is fixed with absorbable sutures and the skin is closed with unabsorbable uninterrupted sutures.
g. The new ears are bandaged for a week.
h. Sutures are removed after 2 weeks.
i. Results are visible after the removal of the bandage, but the swelling of soft tissues and the final shape of the ear is seen after 3 to 4 weeks.