earlobe-tears.jpg Women who have had ear piercings for a long time face with the problem of earlobe tears. Medical experts have suggested the "Purse-String Method" as the best procedure to correct earlobe tears.

Procedure Highlights
a. Restores spherical look of the lobe and prevents linear scars.
b. It is an easy procedure, performed under local anesthesia, within 10 minutes.
c. In this procedure piercing canal is removed with surgical blade. Then a 'purse-string' knot is placed at the top of the incision.
d. The sutures are kept in place for 1 week.
d. To prevent formation of tears in future, have your ears re-pierced with proper technique and stop wearing heavy, dangly earrings.
e. For more information on this browse www.asds.net
f. The procedure is not too expensive & costs $250 for each ear.