People with hypotrichosis now have reason to rejoice. Their inadequate eyelash growth may soon be a thing of the past. There is now a product in the market that can help one flaunt lush eyelashes without the help of mascaras. Latisse, meant for glaucoma patients, has been successfully used by Dr Jonathan Morgan, plastic surgeon with the Facial Aesthetic Center in Clearwater, with amazing results.

Product Highlights
a. This is basically a liquid liner that is meant for application on the edge of the eyelid near the lashes.
b. This is a new FDA-approved lash growth treatment.
c. This product not only increases the length of eyelash but also the number of hair.
d. It gives one longer, thicker and darker eyelashes.
e. It also gave one a more rested look with brighter eyes.
f. It is easy to use and highly effective.
g. Results are visible in just 16 weeks.
h. It should be used once a day regularly for continuous lash growth.

a. There might be minor side effects like eye irritation.
b. Discoloration of the eyelid skin may occur in some cases.
c. Eyelashes return to their previous appearance after a few months of non application.
d. Some people might experience an itching sensation and redness of eyes.

$120 for a two-month supply