lumigan.jpg Physicians and regulators are worried about some new products in the market that promise to make the eyelashes grow. Apparently these products contain ingredients that are the same or similar to those in prescription drug called Lumigan used for glaucoma patients.

Highlights of Lumigan
a. Lumigan is sold by California drug maker Allergan Inc.
b. Some doctors also write Lumigan prescriptions for eyelash enhancement.
c. It gives the user beautiful, long lashes.
d. These products look like mascara tubes.
e. Most cosmetics companies developing new eyelash treatments use either bimatoprost, which is an active ingredient in Lumigan, or other prostaglandins found in glaucoma drugs.
f. They have a brush or tip to apply the product along the base of the lashes.
g. It is easy to use at home.
h. Once a day application for one to three months can have the desired effect.
i. It makes the eyelashes longer, thicker and darker.

Cost of these products
$140 to $160 in spas and doctors' offices