To add beauty and glow to your eyes, there is a new product called Lash curl, distributed by Ya Ya Beauty. The product is easy to use and reliable, produces curly eyelashes.

Product Review
a. Root Perm: A Lash Curl Clip is kept on each eye.
b. After this Lash Curl Solution is applied into the grooves placed on top of the clip ( the clip design dosent allow any solution to go into th eyes ) .
c. Then a new set of clips are fixed and Lash Curl Solution B is added.
d. Finally clips are removed and a lash thickener is applied to the tips of lashes. It
requires only few extensions as one’s own natural lashes are curled.
e. The procedure is painless and results last up to 3 months.
f. The procedure has to be performed only by a trained professional
g. To buy the Lash Curl - Eyelash Root Perm kit call 905-417-5055