natural-eyelash-growth.jpg Eyelash extensions may soon be a thing of the past. According to a new research, it might be possible to stimulate eye lashes to grow on their own. This will obviously give a natural look to a person and also be less expensive than other procedures.

Product Highlights
a. Very soon, it might be possible to grow the eye lashes naturally.
b. Research showed that three glaucoma drugs, called prostaglandin analogs, may have the ability to make this possible.
c. The drugs which stimulate eyelash growth are latanoprost (xalatan), travoprost (travatan) and bimaotoprost (lumigan)
d. According to some doctors, the application of a drop of these drugs on the base of the lashes can stimulate lash growth.
e. This can be a cost effective alternative to costly eye lash extension procedures.
f. It will be a permanent solution.

a. One possible serious and permanent side effect could be that it might change the color of the iris.
b. Hazel-eyed people could be more susceptible to problems with the iris.
c. Precise research about the efficacy of this product is not yet available.