Eyelash enhancers have been embroiled in controversy in the recent past due to its ingredient bimatoprost, which is used in a glaucoma drug. Earlier this year a couple of popular eyelash enhancers were forced to withdraw their eyelash enhancing products from the market due to this controversy. Now, La Canada Ventures has launched its eyelash conditioner MD Lash Factor six months ago by avoiding regulatory difficulties by following rules and marketing its product as a cosmetic.

Highlights of MD Lash Factor
a. This is a new eyelash conditioner.
b. It contains a newly patented substance called dechloro ethylcloprostenolamide.
c. This product does not claim to increase eyelash growth.
d. It improves the appearance of natural lash length.
e. It makes the eyelashes thicker, longer and fuller.
f. Trials have proved that the use of this product daily for 4 weeks caused a 53 per cent increase in the length of eyelashes.

a. It is available online and in physicians' offices.
b. It is available in the US and other countries including Australia, Canada and France.

$140 plus taxes, to buy click here