lilash-eyelash-extensions.jpg Scott Wasserman, a Scottsdale doctor has designed a new product which will enhance eyelashes in people with less eyelashes.Called LiLash, this product was developed after painstaking efforts of the doctor for many years. The research for this product was funded by Scottsdale Cosmetic Health Institute.

Highlights of LiLash
a. The ingredients used in this product are designed to enhance the growth of eyelashes.
b. These do not fall under the drugs or pharmaceuticals category.
c. It contains the extract of sweet almond and white lupine seeds.
d. It can be applied like an eyeliner to the base of the lashes.
e. It comes with a disclaimer that the product is not intended to promote the growth of eyelashes or stop eyelash loss.
f. It does not contain any salt.
g. Results can be seen within weeks.
h. It gives a natural look and is safe.

$140 a tube, to buy click here