The semi-permanent eyelash extensions and permanent eye makeup are the latest trends ruling the cosmetic world. With Hollywood celebrities endorsing these procedures, this has led to steep rise in the business.

Semi-permanent eyelash extensions
a. In this procedure synthetic lashes are applied, one after the other, between the existing natural eyelashes.
b. Lashes are planted such that they last for 4-6 weeks.
c. To maintain it indefinitely, you need a touch-up every 2 weeks.
d. The procedure is safe, with no known complications. The side effects like corneal abrasions, eye irritation, and allergic reaction to glue possible, but very rarely occur.
e. Ensure that the procedure is done by trained, certified professionals.
f. The cost of Semi permanent eyelash extensions are $100 or some cosmetologists charge $1 per eyelash.

Permanent eye makeup / eyeliner
Some youngsters choose to undergo Permanent eye makeup, which involves tattooing color onto eyelids. The procedure involves a few risks like scarring or one might get poor cosmetic results that cannot be corrected. The FDA has some information about the problems associated with permanent eyeliner.