thick-eyebrows.jpg Having fuller and shaped eyebrows is a new trend which makes one look more beautiful. Eyebrows are one of the most overlooked facial feature by many women. Experts say that the latest trend in fashion is to have thick eyebrows.

Latest Trends
a. The first and foremost rule to have thicker eyebrows is to stop plucking them.
b. Using a pencil and a mascara wand can also make eyebrows look thicker.
c. Eyebrow extensions are also being offered by some salons, if you wish to make you brows thicker. The brow extension is done by placing synthetic or real hairs to your existing brows. The procedure costs $100 to $500.
d. The latest procedure for thicker eyebrows is transplantation. In this procedure, the hair follicles from the scalp are removed to transplant them in brow line. Eyebrow transplantation costs about $800 and $5000.