Forget mascaras, fake lashes or the painful eyelash transplants to make the eyes lashes look longer. Now there is a semi-permanent eyelash in the market. Xtreme Lashes can be stuck to the natural lashes with medical grade adhesive to give a look of fullness to the lashes. It is safe and lasts for a long time provided one takes proper care. To find a lash stylist click here

Product Highlights
a. These are synthetic semi-permanent eye lashes.
b. These come in small pots and are separated by color and length.
c. They come in colors like black, brown, blue and purple.
d. Their lengths are from 7 millimeters to 15 millimeters.
e. A session to fix on these lashes take about two hours.
f. Eyes have to remain closed throughout the session.
g. These are attached to the natural lashes with adhesives.
h. It is safe and gives a natural look.
i. The cost of the service to implant Xtreme lashes is approximately $200.
j. The lashes last upto 8 weeks.

Tips to makes Lashes last longer
a. Don't rub your eyes while these lashes are on.
b. Try not to use too many cosmetic products on them.
c. Avoid waterproof mascara and oil-based products like make-up remover or moisturizers.
d. Use heated eye lash curlers instead of traditional ones.