The most common recommendation to ward off eye wrinkles is to undergo invasive eye lifts or a blepharoplasty for treating sagging skin around the eye area. However, these procedures are painful and recuperation time is long. Now, Aluma laser is offering a new procedure using radio frequency energy which is highly effective with very little downtime.

Procedure Highlights
a. This is a non-invasive procedure of treating wrinkles and excessive skin in the eye area.
b. It involves the use of radio frequency energy.
c. Physicians first sucken the skin around the eyes after which the RF energy is applied in the area.
d. The energy gives out vibrations that turn into heat.
e. This cause the collagen in the skin to become hot thereby making room for new collagen.
f. It has no adverse effects on the eyes.
g. It is highly effective.
h. This is a quick procedure.
i. One treatment sessions takes just five minutes.
j. Upper lids can be treated till the beginning of the eyelash and lower lids can be treated all the way up.
k. It treats fat pads, reduces dark circles, firms the skin around the eye area and reduces crow's feet.
l. A few treatments spread out over a few month are recommended for maximum effects.
m. The recommended number of treatments to see full results is about 6

a. Some patients might experience mild discomfort.
b. The suction effect may cause redness around the eye area for one or two days.

The cost of the Aluma laser procedure for eye lid wrinkles is around $300.