eye-bags-removal-plastic-surgery.jpg The first sign of aging is often visible around the eyes. Be it fine wrinkles, puffiness or bags under the eyes, most people are jolted out of their youthful complacency by these subtle signs of the years. Women have eye-bags because of the under eye muscles lose their elasticity as one ages. There are both invasive and non-invasive techniques to correct the problem.

Surgical procedure: The invasive procedure to correct under eye-bags involve removing the fat in the area and tightening the lose skin under the eyes.

Non-surgical procedure: Some times dermatologist inject botox under the eye to fill the concave surface under the eye bags. The results last 4 to 6 months. Lasers are also recommended to stimulate collagen formation under the eyes, however this is a delicate procedure and care should be taken to ensure safety of the eyes.