As one ages, the signs of aging are most visible on the eyelids. The eyelids lose elasticity and tiny wrinkles are formed which are hard to get rid of. The Eyelid surgery is a delicate invasive procedure which helps women get back their youthful look by smoothening out the wrinkles on the upper eyelid. The surgery involves redistributing the fat deposits on the eyelids and removing the excess skin. The eyelid surgery involves making tiny incisions just below the eyelashes and typically a scar free procedure. Lower eyelid surgery is also done in conjunction with upper eyelids to eliminate aging signs on eyes.

Procedure Review
a. Lower eyelid surgery is a highly delicate and customized procedure, performed to get the specific outcomes. Patients can get rid of muscle, fat and droopiness with this surgery.
b. Lower Eyelid surgery is done primarily to smoothen the line from the lower eyelash line down to the eyelid lid face.
c. Aging also leads to the formation of concave surfaces between the cheek and lower eye portion which eventually leads to appearance of dark circles. Plastic surgeons use dermal fillers to fill these hollow surfaces. The results last up to 6-12 months.
c. Lower eyelid surgery is performed under local anesthesia and the procedure takes 2 hours.
d. The patient is advised to apply ice and keep head elevated after the surgery.
e. The recovery time from the surgery is about 7 to 10 days
f. The eyelid surgery is an extremely delicate invasive cosmetic procedure, and care should be taken while selecting the plastic surgeon for the procedure.
g. The cost of the eyelid surgery is approximately $2000 to $4000