eyelid-surgery.jpg To beat the problem of heavy or bulging eyelids and excess skin folds on the eyelids, surgeons are working on to get the eyelids snipped and tucked. Asian patients now desire to have subtle changes, where the eyelid fold is enhanced. At the same time, they want to preserve the oriental look of the eye, without erasing its racial identity. This can be achieved with a skin incision starting medially (near the nose) about 3 mm above the lash line, arching slowly to 7 to 8 mm at the midpupillary line (center) and then lowered only slightly toward the lateral canthus (the side angle of the eye). Excess skin is removed or excised conservatively.

The demerits of this technique are temporary ptosis, and sometimes a different look in which the patient might get scared. This procedure can be done as an outpatient procedure. Recovery time is only 1 week. The patient is advised to rest, and are asked not to smoke or drink.