no-brow-lift-dr-michael-law.jpg Cosmetic eyelid procedures like excisional upper eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) and incisional browlift often ends in an unnatural look. Now Dr. Michael Law, a plastic surgeon from Raleigh, NC, has developed the No-Lift Brow surgery which rejuvenates the eye area and results in a natural look.

Highlights of the No Lift Browlift
a. This procedure is used to enhance the upper lid/eyebrow junction through structural fat grafting.
b. It results in a more natural, non-surgical rejuvenation of the upper lid and brows.
c. It does not requires scalp or forehead incisions.
d. It does not cause scalp numbness and forehead muscle weakness,
e. It gives a more natural look.
f. The surgeon harvests fat from the patient's abdomen, hips or thighs, processes it and then administers it into the soft tissues between the upper lid and eyebrow.
g. It fills a deep-set upper lid crease.
h. It also increases the position of the brow relative to the upper eyelid fold.
i. It results in a lifted, but natural, eyebrow.