The skin around the eye area is extremely delicate. As such it is easily effected by many external and internal factors like photo exposure, smoking, stress and hormonal problems. There are many new products and procedures available in the market to treat the skin around the eyes. However, a new treatment called In the Public Eye performed at At Rose Alcido's The Beauty Nook, NY introduced by Ms Rose Alcido rejuvenates the skin around the eyes in a revolutionary manner.

Procedure Highlights
a. It is used for the treatment of dark circles and sagging eyelids.
b. It uses the iontophoresis treatment using galvanic current.
c. It involves the use of a pen-like probe with a frequency of 0.3 to 30 Hz generated from direct currents.
d. This probe is infused with a special serum.
e. This diminishes fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.
f. Around 12-18 treatments, once a week, is recommended for best results.
g. Each treatment session takes around 45 minutes.

a. The recommended number of treatments are 12-14 and each session costs $105 per week
b. For serious lines around the eyes it is an additional $20