Training in water has many benefits. But this has so far been an unrealistic plan for many considering the need of having a proper water body for exercising purposes. Now with Hydro Physio Lifestyle, it is possible to undergo this type of fitness training easily.

Highlights of Hydro Physio Lifestyle
a. This is a device that helps a person exercise in water.
b. It has glass side panels so that training staff can see how the athlete or patient is moving.
c. The different water heights enable the development of different muscle groups.
d. It is ideal for building general fitness.
e. It can also be used for rehabilitation exercise.
f. It has the feature of wheelchair access via the decking ramp.
g. The water depth, treadmill speed and resistance can be adjusted to meet individual requirement.
h. There is a products intuitive touch screen for this purpose.
i. An optional second screen can be added for trainers or physiotherapists.
j. Workout information can be downloaded at the end of each program.
k. It reduces the risk of injury.
l. It is comparatively easy to install and operate.