webble-foot-rest-exercise.jpg A sedentary lifestyle is the bane of modern life. Most adults are bound to a desk in an office for long periods of time. This causes many adverse health problems like obesity, fatigue and lack of concentration. The unique Webble footrest can come to the aid of such people. Launched at the NeoCon 2007 in Chicago, this is BriteObjects' contribution to better health.

Highlights of the Webble
a. This is a small footrest that can be placed under the desk.
b. It exercises the lower body and stomach muscles.
c. A person can move it around while sitting and working.
d. One can choose from 2 models, the basic Webble with a hard plastic cover and the Webble Air which has a soft mesh cover.
e. It is simple to use and has multi directional casters.
f. This is a fun way of keeping fit while at work.