the-bollywood-dance-workout.jpg Seen a Bollywood movie? If yes, then this will not seem so strange. Bollywood is the Indian replica of Hollywood and its movies come with song sequences which are full of gyrating hip movements and swaying body. In fact, the whole body is immersed in song and dance. Inspired by this, many fitness clubs in the United Kingdom, the East Coast and Northern California, are offering Bollywood workouts. A yoga and fitness instructor is cashing on this new trend and has come out with the The Bollywood Dance Workout on DVD.

Workout DVD Highlights
a. In these workouts, fun is the underlying theme.
b. It consists of stretching, toning, cardio and cool down sessions.
c. The workout is accompanied by upbeat music.
d. There are also dance steps from Bollywood movies.
e. Bhangra steps, which require vigorous movements, is also included.
f. These workouts are similar to aerobics since they affect every area of the body.
g. This costs $14.99 and can be bought online from