In a bid to entice women into the gaming world, Konami has developed a new game for the Nintendo DS Lite. This game is targeted at women. Called the Dream Skincare, it will be available from October 2007. Created by beauty advisor, Chizu Saiki, this game will give tips and help women with their beauty regime.

Highlights of the Dream Skincare
a. This is a stylus driven game.
b. It is a fun filled beauty experience.
c. Physical and emotional health of the players are checked each day through a series of questions.
d. Body temperature, weight and a daily schedule can be fed into the game every day.
e. This game also gives dietary advice and healthy recipes after a record of daily meals is input.
f. Special dayscan be designated for which the game creates a special skin care regime.
g. It also has a face map that shows where the player is prone to get pimples and wrinkles.