A good chair that supports the back is a must for people who spend long hours sitting. It can prevent back problems and lend a more comfortable position while working. Hence, it is essential that a chair designed on the basis of the principles of ergonomics is available to such people. A new line of chairs called ergochairs, are innovatively designed to help people find relief from a host of problems that comes with sitting on a desk for long hours.

Ergonomic chairs review
a. These are made on the principles of ergonomics.
b. These chairs help correct postures and prevent lower back pain.
c. It corrects posture strengthens the abdominal and spinal muscles.
d. It reduces stress in the back and neck.
e. It also strengthens the core muscles and improves spinal alignment.
f. Ergo chairs come with an inflated ball on top of casters that has an adjustable support for the lower back and an air pump.
g. The pressure inside the ball can be adjusted with an air pump to suit individual requirements.

Popular models
a. Dr. Randy Weinzoff's BalanceBall Chair, Priced at $100
b. Doctor Riter's ErgoChair, Priced at $159