The once vilified pole dance now occupies the pride of place among some modern feminists. They claim that this form of dancing helps them to realize their power and makes them feel better. However, not everyone agrees with this. But despite criticisms, this dance has caught the imagination of women due to the health benefits that can be derived from it.

Fitness Benefits
a. It is perfect for rapid calorie burn.
b. It exercises the whole body.
c. It tones the abs and legs and define the arms and shoulders
d. It makes a person more flexible.
e. It is great for boosting self confidence and self esteem.
f. It is a fun workout.
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Places teaching this dance form
a., £35.25 a year.
b. Aradia Fitness Center in Cary, N.C.

Voices of dissent

a. Sherry Shapiro, criticizes this dance form in her book Dance, Power, and Difference: Critical and Feminist Perspectives on Dance Education.
b. This book says that pole dance originated as an exploitation of women's bodies.
c. According to Shapiro, modern dance is more empowering for women.
d. This book costs $25 and can be bought online from, to buy the book click here