T&L Perfect USA has introduced a novel exercise device in the market. The Hawaiian Chair, gives the body a total workout and makes it convenient for people to keep in shape despite a hectic schedule. Based on the movements of the Hula dance, this chair is said to be highly effective.

Product Highlights
a. This is a chair with a moving seat that is run on a 2800cycles per minute motor.
b. It works like an aerobic machine.
c. It combines the ancient hula movements with patented medical science echnology.
d. It gives the whole body a total workout.
e. It tones the body, especially the butt, waist and thighs.
f. It shapes and tones the core abdominal muscles.
g. It is also ideal for weight loss.
h. It can be used while carrying on with normal activities that can be done sitting down.

The Chair is priced at $349.96