Now, we have exercise equipments that can track our wellbeing and progress. This means no more cheating on the treadmill or on the exercise bike. A few Japanese companies have got together to develop networked exercise equipments that will record and share users' information on blood pressure, heart beat, etc. The machines are expected to be ready for the market next year.

Features of Networked Exercise Equipment
a. This project is backed by Mitsubishi, Citizen, Sharp, Hitachi and Tanita.
b. Using the Bluetooth technology, it seeks to establish a standard that allows heart monitors, exercise bikes, treadmills, etc to share data like users' blood pressure, heart rate, body composition and more.
c. This can be done either through cables or using wireless technology.
d. This shared data helps in monitoring an individual's wellbeing and progress each time they every time he any piece of equipment.
e. Till date the trials on these machines have been successful.