carbon-diet.jpg People talk incessantly about atmospheric and global pollution. But ask them if they are, in any way, responsible for this and they will look surprised. Now, awareness is growing about what each person can do to save the planet from pollution and harmful emissions. The latest to join the green wagon is low carbon diet, Bon Appetit a food servicing company is all set to test a low carbon diet in corporate houses and university cafeterias. This diet will reduce the consumption of food that is responsible for greenhouse gas emissions.

Basic concept of the new green diet
a. The concept of carbon diet is to change the dietary and behavioral habits of people by making people aware of their contribution to atmospheric pollution.
b. Low carbon diet is environment friendly.
c. It will do so by avoiding the consumption of imported food items.
d. Eliminating the concept of importing fruits and vegetables, the carbon diet practices to server food which is grown within 150 miles of a person, will be served.
e. Bottled water will be done away with.