Video game addicts can no longer be accused of having a sedentary lifestyle. Gone are the days of simply sitting and moving the control on the game console. Now, players will have to actually make the movements of the characters on screen. Nintendo has introduced their new Wii videogames, which make players exercise vigorously as they play.

Major Benefits
a. Nintendo's Wii game console is based on a motion-sensitive technology.
b. In this game, players have to act out their characters' movements.
c. This is done by waving the game's controller around.
d. This helps the players to exercise while playing.
e. Players are advised to take a break after every 15 minutes due to the exertion.
f. All body parts are exercised.
g. Almost 125 calories are burnt during a 15-minute session.
h. This game console has a small remote device that communicates with a sensor on the TV. A second device that can mimic objects like fishing rods to samurai swords, is attached by a cable to the first device.
i. Buyers get Wii Sports, a package of five games - golf, bowling, tennis, boxing and baseball – are given free with this console.

a. Long hours spent playing this game can cause pain in the shoulders and back.
b. It could be risky playing this game if there are people or objects nearby since they might get accidentally hit by the player.