acro-yoga.jpg Yoga lovers now have an interesting option to choose from. A new technique that incorporates the spiritualism of yoga, gentleness of Thai massages and dynamism of acrobatics has now captured the imagination of people all over. Called AcroYoga, this is fast becoming the preferred choice of many.

Highlights of AcroYoga
a. The spiritual wisdom of yoga, the kindness of Thai massage and the dynamism of Acrobatics form the foundation of this technique.
b. It cultivates trust, connection and playfulness.
c. It takes individuals into a state of union with themselves, with each other, and with the divine.
d. Thai massages are given before, during and after completing each move.
e. One can learn more from the AcroYoga Flight manual ($49.95), Click here to buy now.
f. One needs to have strong acrobatic skills.