Body sculpting treatments are highly popular with women of all ages. This is especially so if the treatments are non-invasive. Now there are numerous devices available in the market that promises to deliver a toned and sculpted body within weeks. One such device is the new Slim Belt Oscillating Belt Massager – CY 267.

Highlights of the Slim Belt CY-267
a. This is a 3-pound device shaped like a belt..
b. It has a small bulge in the front that is connected to a cord and a hand-held control with six different settings.
c. Once the belt is turned on, it starts vibrating.
d. The oscillating motions of the belt help loosen the fat.
e. It makes the body toned and smooth.
f. It can be used on any body part.
g. It also absorbs toxins from the skin and helps in tissue regeneration.
h. It massages the muscles, de-stresses and provides relief from stiffness.
i. It is a safe and effective device.

The cost of the massager is $290, to buy click here