sportkat-korebalance.jpg Balance is an essential function of the human body. Any impairment in this can adversely affect a person's work, travel and other activities. SportKat's Korebalance™ can rectify these problems by helping repair balance defects. This new exercise machine is perfect for rehabilitation and maintenance therapy. The use of this device is not restricted to a doctor's office and there are gym and home versions available too.

Korebalance™ Features
a. This is a fully computerized balance trainer consisting of a movable platform and a monitor.
b. This device is used to improve body balance.
c. It exercises the brain as well as the body.
d. The kit consists of a 17 inch touch screen monitor supported by the Linux operating system.
e. The monitor shows 3D software games while a person is exercising.
f. This helps a person to use the body, brain and vision.
g. It is very effective in improving muscle and mental agility.
h. It comprises a patented pneumatic pressure system with a motion range of 360º and a tit range of 12º
i. It can be adjusted to suit individuals of any height, weight and ability.
j. It is covered by insurance companies if used for balance assessment and vestibular rehabilitation therapy
k. Improvements can be seen in about 4 to 6 months.
l. It is ideal for athletes, youth, seniors and sufferers of degenerative diseases.